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A 3D printer is an innovative device that allows you to create the most real 3D objects, and from a wide variety of materials, such as polymers, plastics, gypsum and a number of metals. Details, as an example can serve as: dryer for towels, compressor for a gas turbine, a cover for a cell phone - all this can be printed.

The main creative work, this is 70% of the total volume of work, is the correct execution of the preparatory drawing or sketch. This intermediate operation is considered the most creative part, very good warm-up for your spatial thinking. When you draw a drawing, you must observe all proportions, dimensions, and think about how to simplify the complex design features of the future part.

The final sketch stage is a check with photos, pictures of the future model, re-checking all geometric parameters. Next, you need to take care of preparing a 3D image file that will be needed for a 3D printer. As a software product can be used as a product for the amateur, and for the professional. For example, they can be: Polygon, Axon 2, MakerWare, SolidWorks, Compass3D, 3dsmax, etc. If you need a specific part or assembly unit, you can try to search for ready solutions on the Internet, there are many sites ready to offer free download drawings and 3D models already presented in the format for a 3D printer.

In most cases, the STL file format is used for printing, and in some cases XYZ. Virtually all printers have their own software for print management, and part - commercial, part of the open source.

So, the sketch is ready, the 3D model for the printer is ready, we load the format into the printer and the printer starts to process the software programmatically your model, as a rule it can take up to 10 minutes, it depends on what material will be printed and the complexity of the part. Finally, the red light goes out and the green light comes on, the model is checked and processed, the melting material is fed into the printhead and slow printing begins.

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