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Nasty AF: Woman Shamelessly Digs Up Her Azz & Coochie Then Rips Off Her Pad & Slaps a Girl with It!

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Jukinvideo22 is channel for amazing, original videos and compilations of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We feature all sorts of different extreme sports and activities other amazing feats, including parkour, skateboarding, tricking, cliff diving, wingsuit flying, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, BMX, acrobatics, calisthenics, cheerleading, freestyle football, basketball dunks, extreme pogo, freerunning, cycling, kayaking, frisbee trick shots, golf, martial arts, BASE jumping and many, many more a host of other action sports!

In this video you'll see amazing people with amazing and unusual skills. We call it Like a Boss Compilation. We are on a mission to bring different people from all around the world into the same video and show how we should focus on cooperation over negativity.

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