Forum Thread: Libro Comes Alive and Shares Interesting Moral Story

Libro comes alive and shares interesting moral story

Who is that bommi? His father asks Bhaskar what to say if the police ask. Bhaskar also says he does not know. The wife of Bhaskar accompanies them. Now the three are seriously thinking about the bommi, and then they are looking for the way. Pinto's grandfather and father were conversing. Then Pinto's mother joins them. Now Pinto and Bommi talk about the mess in the house. Libro tells a story to tell them a clear answer. Taco remembers Remba's precious Necklace. But a friend tells a lie that his monkey has taken it away. The mirror indicates Taco's lie.Taco apologized to his friends by realizing his mistake. That's done by Libro. Through this story, the Bommi and pinto understand that we should only speak the truth.

Bommi and Friends Live action series is about Bommi's adventure in the real world. Bommi and Friends comes to Pintu's home. Where the adventure begins with Pintu and his Family and Friends. Pintu and make everything possible in their adventure with Bommi and Friends.

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